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We produce architectural models, prototypes and various presentation tools for architects, developers and investors. We design and produce nice objects too.


We love to know our clients, their needs and their goals. There are cases, when we receive simple and definite tasks and budgets, but a lot of times, we sit down with our clients and find the best way together to reach their goals. Sometimes really innovative solutions are born this way.

After fixing the task, the budget, the deadline and all the details, we start working. We stay in close connection with our clients, sending them pictures or short videos so they can follow the process. When finishing let’s say a model, we can transport and install it securely as well.

Why Choose Us?

  • We’re architects, designers & model-freaks.
  • Very efficient technology-mix
  • Fresh, innovative way of thinking
  • Attention to details and style
  • Designer and developer-compatible mentality
  • Very good value for money
  • Firm presence on MAPIC/MIPIM/EXPO REAL
  • We speak english, german, french

Our Services

Our services cover all aspects of modelmaking: consultation on purpose, scale, model-type, interactive solutions (lighting, built-in touchscreens, LCD-panels, motions, etc.), plexiglas protecting covers, transportation, model-installation, service, modification, model relocation. We know how to shoot professional modelphotos and videos for marketing purposes.

Our design services include feasibility study, case studies, draft designs, colour and finish study, visualization, prototype production, product development.

Materials we use: wood, plastic, metal. Hard and soft solid woods, veneers, MDF, plywood. Wide range of plastics, such as polystyrene, plexiglas, PVC, ABS, polyurethane, polypropylene, etc. and metals, like aluminium, stainless steel, copper… A lot of special materials: acrylate resins, silicones, foam materials, sponges and many more. What can we do: cutting, sawing, grinding, varnishing, moulding, bending, milling, drilling, etching, priming, airbrush-painting, masking, polishing, gluing, vinyl-plotting, 3D modeling, 3D-printing, laser-cutting, engraving, CNC-milling, cutting, engraving…

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